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Winter Trapping Camp
The image shows a winter trapping camp with a bunch of furs airing out at Ulukhaktok (present site of Holman)

Coal Mine Group Photo
The image shows a coal mine at Naqhaluk on Banks Island. We also can see Fred and Frank Carpenter, along with Fred Wolki posing for the photo.

Family Photo in Traditional Clothes
A photo of Bertram (Angagaq) and Lena Pokiak and their children: Ernest, Millie and Julia.

Winter Camp
The image shows a few people setting up a winter camp.

Schooner North Star
The schooner North Star with Jim Cockney at the door of the wheelhouse.

Group Photo Outside
A group photo taken by Peter Sydney of John Willie Carpenter, Andy Carpenter, Angus (Umik) Elias, Noah Elias and Susie (Panikpak) Sydney.

Butchering Bearded Seal
The photo shows Tivuana (Fred Carpenter's mother), Susie Wolki and Roy Wolki butchering a bearded seal.

Obtaining Coal
The Blue Fox at Naqhaluk, obtaining coal from exposed seams for winter fuel.

Jessie Lee
A photo of John and Mary C. Carpenter, Margaret Seymour arriving at the Jessie Lee

Mining Some Coal
A photo of Lucy, Fred, Andy Carepenter, and Susie (Panikpak) Wolki all mining some coal at a mine at Naqhaluk.

August Masik
A phot of August Masik, former trapper and trader, also associated with the Canadian Arctic Expedition.

Captain C.T. Pedersen
A photo of Captain C.T. Pedersen standing in front of a house and couple of bushes.

Shoveling Coal
A photo of Fred, Andy and Lucy Carpenter, Susie Wolki taking a break mining coal at mine at Naqhaluk.

Hudson’s Bay Company
The image shows a Hudson’s Bay Company post at Baillie Island. The camp consist of a few building and some boats.

Spring Traveling
The image shows Tom Chicksi and another person traveling in the spring near Siksik Island.

Husky Dogs
A photo of David Bernhardt with husky dog and her pups.

Schooner Blue Fox
The schooner Blue Fox at Ulukhaktok. Simon Bennett and Fred Carpenter.

Group photo in Aklavik
Top: Kublualuk, Little Jim Rogers, Gabriel Dick, Rufus Tingmiak, Navaluk, Lizzie and Frank Elanik (holding child), Oliver, Tom Elanik, Rebecca, Roy and Susie Wolki. Centre: Michael Amos, Herbert Dick, Harry Amos, Susie Amos, Amos Tumma, Alexandria…

En Route to Banks Island
The image shows a couple of boats en route to Banks Island, stopping at Booth Island.

Drying Fish
A photo showing Frank and Lucy Carpenter drying fish at Ulukhaktok (Holman).


Mrs Susie Sydney Photo Collection


Sydney, Mrs Susie


Photographs taken by/of Mrs Susie Sydney.
This photo collection was used during the interviews of the Aulavik Oral History Project to get the names of people previously not identified. The complete collection was originally obtained from Mrs Susie Sydney (formerly Mrs Susie Wolki) by Peter J. Usher (Northern Science Research Group, Indian Affairs and Northern Development) in 1968 to be held at Library and Archives Canada (then called Public Archives of Canada).


Physical collection housed at Library and Archives Canada.

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